Or, Keep It Simple Stupid!

Depending on what you think your situation may be depends on what you are going to need, you may be a wild country walker, or you could be making plans for a major survival situation.

What are you going to need.

First of all you will need a bag to put your kit in a rucksack may be preferable, add to that a belt kit and you are well on your way, you may have a vechicle, but for how long!

Into your rucksack you will need all of the following, and thats just for starters:-

·       A shelter for sleeping under, a small tent? or Basha? This will depend on the space you have.

·       A sleeping bag, try for a "Mummy" type with a top zip rather than a side zip, but find one that is not going to take up a lot of room.

·       A mat to sleep on, a therm-a-rest, or similar, is propably the best but any closed foam mat will do, as it is there for thermal insulation between you and what you are sleeping on.

·       Get yourself a Map of your area, and enough maps to get you to your destination.

·       Get a compass, preferably a silva, but you need something with degrees and a base-plate on it.

·       Pop a small gas camping stove in, and a couple of spare cannisters, screw type preferable. I use gas, as it is, I feel, more convenient to use. There are some very good multi-fuel stoves on the market you will be able to find these by following the links in the "links page".

·       Some pots and pans for cooking in, army mess tins are ideal for this as they are quite compact, but there are so many others to choose from.

·       At least two 1ltr bottles for drinking water, also it is wise to get yourself a larger capacity collapsable water carrier.

·       A plastic or alluminium mug, insulated are good, but can you warm your hands on it?

·       Knife, fork and spoon set, again there are sets especially for the outdoor enthusiast, but just as well check out the kitchen drawers.

·       Get a good quality first aid kit, but do not forget to put any medication you are on in it, an important note here is to learn how to use it, so try and get some training through your local St John or Red Cross or other training establishment.

·       A small head torch, and a hand held torch, don't forget the spare bulbs and batteries.

·       Personal hygiene kit, plenty of hand soap and nail brush, and a couple of hair combs or brushes.

·       Food and Clothing, get in as much as you can carry, you may be away for a while. Freeze dried or boil in the bag is good stuff, packets of soup and other things such as savoury rice and even pot noodles are useful stores to have.

·       If you are going for the big one, don't forget to pack any memories you want to take, photo's etc, and some luxuries, and of course a good survival book

So where do you get your kit from, and how much do you spend?

The second is easier to answer, spend as much as you can afford, but aim to get quality equipment, cheap and nasty will always let you down when you most need it!

In the links section at the top of the page you will find links to many retailers that the Ludlow Survivors Group use for their equipment, some are cheaper than others but remember you don't have to buy it all today, take your time and look for the best outlet; If you are going to useHigh Street stores try to use cash, and don't be affraid to ask for a discount for cash, you never know how much they may knock off, but anything between 5% and 20% is possible. If they won't give discount, say thanks and walk away, but only do this if you are sure you can get what you want elsewhere! small independent shops may be worked on, large retailers sometimes need a bit more work!